Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally HOME...After 16 Months


I have just wanted to cry tears of joy several times today. Honestly, we cannot begin to communicate how thankful we are for this day, but I will try in this post.


Today we moved into a home of our own after living in one room as a family for over a year. It was 16 months ago that we moved out of our home in Maryland (we rented our house 30 days after the Lord called us to South Africa).  You can read that story in full HERE.  We have lived in about 7 different "rooms/homes" in this time period. As can probably imagine, living like nomads for 16 months has not been easy.  You can read some of what that was like by clicking HERE.  Tricia, Davis and I have all learned tremendous life lessons in the last year and a half. Too many to write tonight, so I won't start. 


A little about our place...we are renting a fully furnished duplex/condo joint (not sure what you'd call it in the USA).  It is about 3 kilometers from Masi & All Nations.  This place is a cozy gift from God!  Tricia loves it and that's all that matters. If Mama aint happy, aint nobody happy. Luckily, Davis and I like it too.  The Lord opened this door for us way back in February.  The owner is heading to Asia to do missions work. He leaves in 2 weeks. So, check this out...our partners support us, we pay rent here, and that rent goes to support another missionary in Asia!  LOVE IT! All Kingdom stuff.  


One last word about the significance of today.  We have felt the amazing grace and lavish love of God today in so many ways.

  • The guy who we are renting from in awesome!
  • The place is all we could ever need. 
  • We had a friend help us clean every square inch of the place.
  • Had another friend helping me with other things.
  • The Reber family stopped by with a housewarming gift and lots of hugs welcoming us to the neighborhood.
  • The Fercho family dropped by, brought lunch and took Davis out to the park with their kids.
  • The George's (owners and managers of Silver Palms, the guesthouse we have been living at for 7 months) came by with a beautiful painting for the wall.
  • The Hain family brought us dinner (yummy balsmic chicken) and helped with other things.
  • The Malherbe's stopped by to visit this evening.


If that is not enough...

  • The house is immaclate.
  • We are all moved in.
  • We have fast internet.
  • And Davis is asleep in his OWN BED in his OWN ROOM!


Just had to share our joy with you tonight.  God is so good and we long to give Him all the glory in all things. Days like today are a healing balm to the hard days and losses that come along with leaving home and moving across the world. 


(This is the only pic I took today.  More later.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm truely happy that you have your own place. Melyssa