Friday, August 5, 2011

Abiding...Day by Day

There are many things that the Lord has revealed to me since moving here in January.  Many of which I can't share....either because I lack permission from the Lord or I lack the proper words and time to adequately do so. Nonetheless, here is one of the major things that the Lord is saying to me these days.  I have been feeling it clearly and this morning, the Lord prohetically conformed it.  And I feel pretty sure I am supposed to share it with you.  So, here it is. I will bullet it in phrases that seem to capture what I am hearing.  I will write as if it from God to me.  Maybe it's for you too.

  • You used to be really well planned. Now, I want you to let go of some of that plannning, so I can assume some of it. Just abide in me.
  • Your calendar was your focus, before.  I now want you to be less-calendar driven. That way, we can schedule more "divine appointments" than we used to be able to. Just abide in me.
  • Noah, there is nothing wrong with planning unless you allow something to go wrong.  And unfortunaetly, you have in the past.  Now, I wish to replace your need for extreme planning with a longing for radical trust. I want you to be resting in my plans, not making yours. Just abide in me.
  • My son, I am not dissapointed in you, I am proud of you.  That is why I am rerady to graduate you from a place of needing to control your future, to a place of believing me for it each and every day. Just abide in me.
  • By the way, it is ok to live a day at a time.  If you think only in chronos time, you will put pressure on yourself that is not from me.  I am inviting you to live in my time, kairos time. Take "develop a three year vision" off your task list, Noah. I will take of that.  Just abide in me.
  • Be present in this season, not moving your mind and emotions into the next.  If you do, everyone loses.  Give Tricia, Davis and everyone in your life a "present Noah"! And abide in me.
  • You are in Africa.  It is ok to not have your week all planned out.  It is ok to wake up in the morning and determine what you are doing today. Many of your new friends here have done that all their life. Fit in.  And abide in me.
  • Finally, remember that I love to lead you!  I am thrilled when you trust me so much that you really allow me the reigns. I love when you abide in me.


So, that is some of what I have been hearing from the Lord.  I am currently trying to discern how to invest myself into All Nations and I am staring to think I just need to take it day by day at a time...while I abide.


Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. John 15:4



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