Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Money, Fame and Rick Warren

I couldn't believe my ears early this month when Rick Warren insisted on having his picture taken with every Pastor at the meeting at NCC. He did! We lined up and did just as he asked. They promised they would email us all. They did. Here I am with Rick Warren at a meeting on February 4th. They just sent it to me.

Get this: Rick Warren is stupid rich! The amount of money that he makes off of Purpose Driven Life is in sane. So, you know what he and his wife Kay do? They reverse tithe. They live off of 10% and give God 90%. He drives an old pick up and they have lived in the same modest house for the last 14 years. He shares that there are two big temptations for him (or anyone in his situation)...the money and the fame.

He deals with the money by giving most of it away and living modestly off the rest.

He deals with the fame like Solomon did in the Psalms...he wants to use it to speak for the broken and oppressed who have no voice and to advocate for the justice of those with no strength.

Neat, huh? I really respect this guy!


Catherine said...

Wow, what a great picture and an even greater story. I love that he took care of the money thing by giving it away!
God Bless,

firmfaith said...

That's wonderful!