Saturday, January 24, 2009

The benefits of blogging and twittering

There are a lot of reasons that I blog and twitter. I really enjoy following others. Gives me insights into their learning and leadership. But, there are also benefits to people following me. I know this risks sounding self-centered, but I am gonna keep it real. This week, we have felt an amazing sense of love and support that is hard to put into words. How? Because of technology! We called no one to tell them what happened. We made no home visits to tell people what happened. We simply emailed, blogged and twittered. Following that, came an influx of love and support and prayer....and we felt it!! Man, I could just go on to list the benefits. They are many. It sometimes shocks me the people who come up to me on a Sunday and reference something that they read during the week. Kinda creepy at times.

Check this out...we received an email this week from a lovely couple who has been attending CCF for 4 weeks! They are already regular blog readers and reached out! Nothing like a Pastor receiving Pastoral care from an attendee of 4 weeks. That is every member ministry at it's best!

Gotta love technology! Many benefits that the church needs to be redeeming for the glory of God!

"...Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God!" I Cor. 10:31

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