Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Story About Our Car

After one month of being out of commission, we got our car back today. It had a blown engine.  Here is a cool testimony:


When we originally took the car in and had it looked at, the estimate to rebuild the engine was R34,000 ($5,000 US)!  That is half of what we paid for the car!  Cars and everything to do with them are really expensive here!  And you really must have one where we live. Needless to say, we were devestated about this news.  We just did not have that money! But, we had this strange sense of peace because we knew that God would pay for it.


So, we asked our prayer team to pray with us in 3 specific ways:

  1. That we could somehow find a place to repair the car for less money.
  2. That God would provide the money to repair the car.
  3. That we would somehow have a vehicle to drive until ours was repaired. 


Well, today I would like to report on exactly how God answered those prayers:

  1. We were referred to a local guy that specializes in our make of car (Opel).  He quoted us R22,000 ($3,250) to rebuild the engine. So, we decided to remove the car from the dealer.  We owed them R926 ($130) for the disasembly and diagnosis they did.  When I tried to pay the guy, he refused payment and said "Happy Birthday"! Yes, it was my birthday that day. So, we got the car towed to local dude.  Oh, and the tow was free as well.  All God!
  2. That weekend, Pastor Nelson and our home church, Capital Christian Fellowship, surprised us and invited us to skype into the Sunday service and share our need.  They took up an offering of R20,000, almost exactly what we needed to repair the car!!! Others gave as well, covering every rand of the repairs! All God!
  3. We drove a loaner car from the dealer for 1 week---free!  We drove some friend's car for 2 weeks---free! And we drove our mechanics car this last week---free!  We did not experience ONE hour of carlessness in the month our car was out of commission! All God!


God answered every specific prayer we prayed in a specific and powerful way!  And I just felt that I had to share this story.  It does not always happen this way, but it did this time....and we are giving the Lord the glory for it. Thank you to all of you who gave, prayed or cared!  We are on the road again!

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