Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life Change!!!! And the wedding in our Living Room

There has been a story of life change unfolding at CCF that merits telling. So, with their permission, the story goes like this...
  • Lacreshia comes to CCF for the last 4 years. I baptized her 3 years ago (her baptism certificate is on her wall in her house). She has grown in her faith. And grown. And grown. Especially over the last year. She was in my Small Group. I am so proud of Lacreshia.
  • We started praying for her boyfriend, Maurice at the end of last year. He came to CCF the first Sunday of this year...and gave his life over to Jesus! As he has said repeatedly, "I just can't do this on my own anymore!"
  • On Sunday (yes, 6 days ago) I baptized Maurice! I want to scream Hallelujah right now as I am typing this!!!! God is so unbelievably good!
  • About a month back, Creshia and Moe (as I affectionately call them), came to me and said..."we were thinking maybe we should get married." I said YES!! God would be honored by that. We've done some premarital counseling and....
  • Today, I married them. In our living room! 6 days after baptizing Maurice. It was surreal. I'm pumped!
  • It was just us. Not a big crowd, but a big sense of God's favor and presence! After all, they reminded me that today was about them and the Lord and what he was doing in them, not about a crowd of people or a reception.
Tricia and I rallied around them and prayed while Selah exercised her wedding planning gifts with a special little wedding lunch. It was exquisite and really blessed Creshia and Moe...I know!

Below are a few pictures from the day. We sent them out the door carrying a CD with these and many more pics (yes, we even did a little photo shoot).

I love being a Pastor! You get to share life's most monumental moments with people. I thank God for what he is doing in Lacreshia and Maurice. There are so many more stories about what God is doing in other people as well and I wish I could share them all.

Praising God,



ASON said...

Absolutely positively AWESOME!!! Congratulations guys!!!

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed sharing this special day... We Love You Guys!!

~Randy & Selah

The Nash Family said...

Amazing! Powerful! Awesome! Congratulations Moe and Lacreshia!!! I cried last Sunday when Moe was baptized and shed more tears when marriage was mentioned. Little did I know that the marriage would take place so soon. I have been praying for you guys since then. What an awesome way to start your new life together!! I love you all!!