Monday, March 31, 2008

8 Principles of Pottery

After numerous requests since yesterday morning, I thought I would post the 8 Principles that I they are:

8 Life Principles from the Potter and Clay.

“Being Shaped by the Potter”

#1: God is the potter, we are the clay. (Genesis 2:7 and Isaiah 64:8)

#2: The Potter always has a purpose for the clay. (Jer. 1:5)

#3: The destiny of the clay is subject to how it responds to the Potter. (Jeremiah 18: 5-10)

#4: Clay is not intended to do the shaping, but to be shaped! (Isaiah 29: 15-16)

#5: The movement and momentum of the clay impacts its outcome!

#6: The Potter will always remove some of the clay during the process.

#7: Potter’s take stubborn clay and start over all the time! (Jeremiah 18:4 and II Chron. 7:14)

#8: Clay becomes strong when it goes through the fire! (I Peter 1:6-7)

Now, invite you to do me a favor! Leave a comment here if there was another principle that God revealed to you during this experience. I have already heard several perspectives and insights that the Lord revealed to some of YOU! I would love to hear more....maybe we could do a sequel someday! Comment if you've got one.


Pastor Noah said...

With the intention of "collecting" other pottery principles in one place, Cat Blake said:

What I got from todays message is how any gift can be used to glorify God. One can assume that the vocation of Pastor is a job that will glorify God. But today, I saw clearly that a Potter can communicate God's glory as well.

Furthermore, our gifts when used for God can serve as a witness. To steal a word from Pastor Noah, "I am "JAZZED" about the pastors, writers, teachers, dancers, visual artists, lawyers, accountants, singers, that will be raised out of CCF and how their talents will be used for Gods kingdom.

Kevin said...

Pottery isn't fun for the clay, at least until the potter is done shaping and the clay starts fulfilling it's purpose. I mean, did you hear how she had to beat that clay?

Pastor Noah said...

From June Kauffman who is staying at our home this week...

Potters form their pottery from the inside out. WOW!!