Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking the "Plunge"

I know we have given up far more than coffee to be here, and others have given far more than we will ever give for missions....but....

I have really, really missed coffee since arriving. Most people drink instant coffee here (unless they are in a cafè). So I did the same. But I just don't care for instant coffee. Tastes so...fake. As I shopped around, I discovered that coffee pots were quite expensive to us ($40-$70). However, everywhere I went the locals told me to get a "plunger" (coffee press). So, for $8, I "took the plunge" and am glad I did. My coffee each day is quite yummy.
BTW- Thank you Jessica & Nelson Okanya for the plunger you got me for my birthday. It's packed away in Bowie due to space, but you knew something we didn't and I'd have brought it if I knew this. ;)

BTW #2- Speaking of plunging, I'm really proud of my nine year old Niece who participated in the Polar Bear Plunge in the Chesapeake Bay this week for a great cause! Go Elliza!

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