Monday, January 31, 2011

Baboons Everywhere!

I just had to post this video on my blog. This is taken and made by Brandon Jones. Brandon and his wife Julianna are on staff at All Nations and have opened their home to us. We may be living here at their home...with the Baboons. Good times. This is real. Really real. Come visit and we will show you. ;-)

Baboons All Around Us from Brandon Jones on Vimeo.


Ben Rainey said...

Sydney wants to know if they come up to you, or if they bite? Thanks, Ben and Sydney

Noah said...

Dear Sydney,

They only way they bite is if YOU attack them. Or trap them into a corner. They will come up to you though and take food out of your hand. They will even open your car door do not eat in the car. ;-)

Tell your Dad Hi!