Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reaping & Sowing...Auto Edition

I'm a nerd for cars. You know that by now. They are a hobby of sorts. Driving them, cleaning them, fixing them, buying them...whatever.

I was really bummed to say goodbye to my Avalon last week. Read about that HERE.

Well, one of the things that we had to do this week was to find and buy a car. In the USA, that would have been really exciting for me, and I would have been good at it. But, here....not so much. I just don't know the way it works here, don't know the makes and models of cars and could easily have been taken advantage of for my ignorance.

Here's a neat testimony I want to share:

Back in the USA, I used to help people buy cars. Mainly single ladies and widows who needed an advocate or negotiator. I loved doing it, but it took a lot of time...and sometimes I questioned whether I had the time to be investing into it. But I did it anyway because it was a gift that I thought the Lord wanted me to give. I could have never imagined anyone ever having to help me with the same. Fast forward several years....

Now, we are here and God paid me back. In September we were in China and met a guy from Cape Town named Richard Anderson. Richard worked in the car sales industry for many years. When we told him that we would need to get a car when we arrived, he put us at ease and said he would take care of us....and that he did! Richard sent me an email a week before we landed here saying that he found our car. We arrived and this guy walked us through every single step of the way....everything....until we drove off the lot. The car is awesome! We got more than we thought we would get for our budget and we could not feel happier about it all.

This is how I see it: I sowed into helping others when I had knowledge and expertise...and reaped the blessing when I had no knowledge or expertise. I went from others depending on me-- to me depending on others-- practically overnight. But God met us and blessed us.

I have always believed in the principle of sowing and reaping....and I believe it even more now. What goes around...

Here are some pictures of the Kaye's South African Chariot...a 2003 Opel Astra:


Anonymous said...

That thing is sweet! Congrats and praise God!

sarah754 said...

A testimony to the faithfulness of God! He is awesome!!!!