Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Blog

I have been hearing great things about Posterous, so I spent some time checking them out and have decided to go with them for my new blog. I am very excited about some of the features. It is still not done, but here is my first post.

A few facts:
1. The address of this blog is currently noahkaye.posterous.com. However, within the next few days it will become blog.noahkaye.com.
2. When I blog, it will automatically post to Twitter, Facebook and my old Blogger site!! Pretty cool, huh?
3. I now email my blogs and they get posted for me! Cool, huh?
4. There are some other really cool features like photo galleries (where you can download any pics you want that I post) and sharing. You can click to share the blog on FB or Twitter. 5. Finally, notice the two navigation options at the top to take you to the NEW www.noahkaye.com and Tricia's new blog!
6. Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the page for more features.
Lots of great stuff!! I will share more tomorrow. Trying to get this stuff all set up before I am too busy to do any of it.

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