Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I Read in China

Here is some of what I read in China, in case any of it seems of interest to you:

"Communicating for a Change" by Andy Stanley and Lane Jones

Great book about preaching. Read this in preparation for getting back in the pulpit...which I am really, really excited for!!!

"Windows of the Soul" by Ken Gire

Recommended by a new friend I met in China, this book is about the many ways that God reveals himself to us. The author calls them windows. Interesting thoughts. Neat to hear someone share about how they have seen God in art, poems, vocation, music, movies, victory and wilderness! Helped me further prepare for a series I will be preaching soon called "Whispers".

"Where's the Duck in Peking?" by Cliff Schimmels

June handed me this book halfway through the flight yesterday and said it was an easy read. 200 pages. 4 hours later, I handed it back to her. Finished. I think it was the fastest I have ever gone cover to cover. Great book about all the practical and surprising things that a foreigner should expect from China. If you are a student of culture or plan to visit China, you should really read this book!

"Dr. Frankenstein and World Systems" by Bob Mumford

A short little book that I am just finishing up today.

"Let the Nations be Glad" by John Piper

I just reread/breeze-read this classic book on missions. I am yet to find a book on missions that can touch this one. So good!

The Bible: Book of Acts and Book of Romans

This was by far the best reading I did over the last 2 weeks. It was powerful to read about the start of the church from a nation so strategically placed to carry the gospel back to Jerusalem.

It's not to difficult to read this much in 2 weeks when you log about 25,000-30,000 miles of flight time!!

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