Monday, August 17, 2009

Noah Leads Workout on Location at the Olympic Stadium

I've been succeeding at working out regularly for several months now. Feels like a huge victory in my life. Our friends, Matt and Sioux-z Gary, the owners of Supreme Sports & Fitness in Rockville trained Tricia and I on a good workout before we left on Sabbatical. I love this workout. It is organic, requires no machines, no purchases...just your body. In Matt's words, "if you cannot lift and handle your own body weight, you have no business adding any weight of machines to it." The exercises they taught us are great and can be done anywhere and anytime with just your body! And they kick our butt!

Well, those that know me well, know that I tend to be an influencer when I find something I like. A bit of a salesman. Just a tad. Well, I have enjoyed sharing my exercise routine with several people this summer. One of those people was Bishop Glenn. In China. In front of the Olympic Stadium is Beijing. Unbeknownst to me, one of the guys was filming this "lesson" that I was giving Glenn. Another one of the guys with us made it into this funny video. You gotta see this!

Now, mind you, there is a whole lot wrong with this picture:
  • The fatty (me) is showing the fit and trim (Glenn) an exercise routine (that has obviously not transformed me yet!)
  • Pay special attention to the man on the left staring at me and the people passing by. What must they be thinking? "Are you serious? Is that big guy really teaching someone how to exercise?"
  • I just think that that whole thing is hilarious. The fact that it is all happening in front of the Olympic Stadium/Birds Nest just adds to the whole thing.
  • Matt and least this is proof that you made a difference!

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Go head on Pastor Noah!