Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rocking the Boat

Over the last months, I have learned a LOT about life and leadership. Stepping away from a role that you love and people that you love is not easy. Even when it is for wonderful purposes. Would you imagine it would be easy for most leaders to step away, turn over the keys, entrust it all, and hope that you have a job and some relational equity when you return? And what about those being led and others on the team. There's going to be anxiety there too!

Well, if I am honest....which is something that I like to be....there was anxiety leaving, and there anxiety returning....for me and the Staff. There should be! It is just natural. It is the way that systems work.

Pastor Nelson spoke into this yesterday with profound wisdom! He put it this way:

When someone steps out of a boat, the boat rocks and experiences some imbalance. People need to readjust and position themselves in different ways to make up for what left the boat. This would refer to weight distribution, work distribution and the like. Then, they adjust an begin to sail again!! In the same way, when someone steps back into a boat, the same thing happens. It rocks, and everyone readjusts a tad to make up for what was (re)introduced into the system. Then, we adjust and sail again!!

I am so thankful to be welcomed back into the boat and I am thankful that my fellow sailors are as wonderful as they are. Let it be said, our team did a fantastic job this summer!! I had no doubt that they would, because they work for Jesus, not me.

Let's sail right into what God envisions for us!

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