Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chicken Feet and a Great day in Hong Kong!

Did not want to go to bed before telling you what a great experience today was!
  • Woke up in Hong Kong.
  • Had breakfast with long time friends of the Kauffman’s who have been serving in Hong Kong for many years!
  • Ate Chicken Feet (for the first and last time)! Ate a lot of other food that I actually liked!
  • Rode a bus, train, boat, tram, trolley, double-decker, subway, taxi,….basically if you have ever heard of a public transportation style, they have it here, I rode it today and so did millions of other people.
  • Saw majestic mountains and massive city meeting one another. It looks like they took NYC and put the Rockies directly around it. Or it reminds me of Manhattan dropped into St. Thomas (if it fit).
  • We walked today. A lot. We climbed stairs today. A lot. As Davis would say… "I tired.”
  • Attended a Small Group tonight with about 10 people from Hope Church. We met in a beauty shop/spa. Like a mini Robert Andrews….China style. I thought it was neat to see the church meet the marketplace like that. The brothers and sisters that we met with were vibrant worshipers and full of joy. They were the highlight of this day!
Oh, and did you know…
  • America and China will have the same amount of people worshiping Jesus this weekend? 100 million.
  • However, the total population of the US is equivalent to the population of people in China who have never even heard of Jesus!!
  • Tomorrow, I will be assisting with baptizing someone in the South China Sea. Wait until you hear this story!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad you had a great first day. I really miss you and can't wait for your trip to be over.

Love you babe!!!