Sunday, August 2, 2009

The "Real" China

People in Hong Kong call Hong Kong, Hong Kong. China is the country just north of them. So, I really have not been to "China" yet on this trip.

Well, we are headed to the "Real China" today. In about 15 minutes, Glenn and I will leave for the airport and fly about 3 hours to Xian. We will meet with servants and do some connecting and sharing. After that, we fly to:


Then Shenyang

Then Shanghai

Then, back to Hong Kong on the 13th to fly home on the 14th.

So, here goes a whirlwind tour into China for the next 9 days. We welcome your prayers. I am unsure of how well I will be able to stay connected as it is quite a bit more "strict" in China, than in Hong Kong.

Lord bless you all!

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Anonymous said...

Be safe sweetie and I miss you!!!