Thursday, May 7, 2009

Naylin and Anthony, A Sad Goodbye

Many of you know that my Sister, Selah and my Brother-in-law, Randy live with us. For the last year, they have been preparing to foster with hopes of adopting.

Well, on April 2nd, we welcomed 2 beautiful kids into our lives. Click HERE to read the post from the day that they arrived!!

Today, we say goodbye! The mother has been approved to regain possession of Naylin and Anthony and the Hunts will be taking them to her this morning at 9:30am.

Last night was hard. Really hard. Harder then any of us thought. You can get really attached to a child in 5 weeks. Last night, Selah and Randy asked me, Tricia, Mom and Dad to have a prayer of release over the kids. Each of us lit a candle for a different purpose. We all wept as we placed the future of these two babies in the hands of a God who loves them with the deepest passion.
  • We thanked God for the seeds of love that were planted in the kids.
  • We thanked God for the seeds that were planted in Selah and Randy's marriage through this.
  • We prayed for their Mom, Sandy. We prayed that salvation would be near!
  • We affirmed Selah and Randy for a job very well done!
  • We dedicated their destiny to the Lord!
If you know Selah, Randy, Naylin and Anthony, I ask your prayer for them. Pray especially for Selah this Mother's Day weekend.



Tonya W said...

I’m so sorry to hear that. We’re praying for Selah, Randy, Naylin and Anthony. It’s a tough situation, not sure what to say but I believe God has a divine plan for their lives. Selah and Randy made such a positive impact on Naylin and Anthony and we’re praying that God gives them comfort and understanding during this difficult time. Also, praying that they don’t give up hope and for God to pour out many blessings upon them.

Mommyof3gifts said...

Praying for all of you.. especially Selah and Randy. I know God will bless them (and all of you) for the love they poured into those precious children for the time they were given. Please hug Sealh for me tomorrow and let her know I love her...
Praying for God to give them the desires of her heart!

Noah said...

Feel the love and will send it to them! N~