Sunday, May 10, 2009

My 2 Mother's Day Highlights

I am not a Mom, but I have 2 Moms in my life that rock my world! I want to share something about each of them this Mother's Day.
  1. Tricia is my wife and the wonderful mother of our son Davis! This morning, she preached the Mother's Day message with me at church!! Yes, you read that right. We team taught a message called "Hats Off" out of Proverbs 31. Hats off for the job well done. And hats off..and on and off and is the story of every Mom that is breathing. You wear many hats with care and dedication and we thank you! Happy Mother's Day, Tricia! You did a fantastic Job today and you looked amazingly hot!!!
  2. Second. many of you know that I am a list person. Well, ever since the first time I ever preached as a teenager, I began keeping record of when, what and where I preached. To date, I have a log of every message I have ever preached. It is now almost 10 pages long. This morning, I preached my 200th sermon. My mother, Pam Kaye is the other special mother in my life...this mother gave me life. She has been a HUGE encourager in my call to ministry. As a result, I dedicated this mornings sermon to her (#200). Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day to all of you ladies...the ones that wear any of the hats that we illustrated this morning (all of which are descriptors of the Proverbs 31 woman):
  1. The Wife Hat
  2. The Mom Hat
  3. The Hard-Worker Hat
  4. The Selfless Hat
  5. The God-Fearing Hat

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