Monday, April 20, 2009

A Good Idea, a God Idea

We all get ideas. We get a vision. We develop a plan. We get excited. We are convinced that it is a good one. A great one! We are emotionally charged about it. The last thing in the world that we want is for someone else to dislike it, stop it, or criticize it. So, we either:
  1. Do not share it with anyone and just do it because this idea is so good that there is no chance that we could be wrong.
  2. We share it and get defensive or hurt if someone challenges it in any way for fear that they may shut it down or stop it. (So, we trump them...making the fact that we even asked them nullified.)
I have tried both! I actually tried number 2 this morning with our staff. Then, 5 minutes later, I realized what I did and apologized for it. It is my conviction that rare is the idea/vision that is so final that no one else can speak to it. On the other hand, running everything by everyone is bad too! Trust me. I've tried that. Here are a few of the things that I have seen happen when I share a vision with a few trusted people. I think these things can actually make a good idea, a God idea:
  • Builds relational integrity. It shows people that they matter. That what they have to say matters. That you are a listening leader.
  • Your vision just gets better. People find holes that you missed. They anticipate challenges with you before you are put on the spot with them later and look like a darn fool.
  • Then, they own it with you. All someone needs to do is assist with even one small adjustment to an idea or a plan and you will be amazed how they feel connected to the project and advocate for it. Then, it's bought by many instead of being sold by one!
What about your life? Does any of this apply? Do you ever see yourself dealing with this? What else have you learned in these situations?


Glenn said...

This principle is important! Its lack of understanding contributes to a lot of fracturing in the body of Christ. To realize that when I feel God spoke to me that it is possible, even likely, that there are additional words God wants to speaka and will use others in the body of Christ to speak them. Needs discernemnt, we do not take everything said as of the Lord, but neither do we repsond defensively.

Noah said...

Thanks for your comment, Glenn! This is a very important learning.