Sunday, April 19, 2009

Some Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Feel like blogging a few thoughts. But, don't look for any connections in my ramblings. They are just a few of the things on my heart. Random stuff.
  • Preached the 3rd of our 6 "Staying Connected" messages this morning! "Staying Connected" is our spring message and small group theme. Today was on "Staying Connected When Relationships Go South."
  • We hung out in Galatians 6:1-10. Talked about how we support each other in burden sharing. Some burdens are meant to be shared, some are meant to be shouldered and some are meant to be shed. Lord, give us the wisdom to know when to do which!
  • Visiting Reid Temple this morning was a great experience! A few brief is a Methodist Church! Not sure how I forgot that, but it was liturgical, traditional, say this, chant that, stand, sit, reading, prayer, etc. But mixed into all that was great media, an amazing facility, a warm welcome, and a gospel choir that made me want to weep and dance in the spirit. WOW!! I lie you not! They were fantastic!
  • I am pretty excited that I will be ordained next Sunday. I feel love and affirmation from the church and the conference. Thank you for that! I plan to write about my call to ministry soon.
  • I have 2 short and 1 long paper due 4/27 to complete my current Masters Class (the one I was at in February). 4/27 is next Monday. My goal: to complete and submit all 3 papers by this Tuesday night at bedtime. Pray for me please that I meet this goal.
  • I am sleepy! I need a nap. Gonna do that now and then dive in to paper writing.
Peace & Love!

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