Monday, January 5, 2009

I dream of a team...

Today, our Staff grew from 4 to 7! What a special day this is for so many reasons! This is my favorite day of 2009!! After a great time of prayer as a staff this morning, we all took turns completing the sentence, "I dream of a team..." Here were some of our responses. Pray with us that these dreams become our reality as we work together each day:

We dream of a team that...
  • Is fun, silly and loves coming to work!
  • Is Authentic, honest and real.
  • Is thoroughly equipping volunteer leaders.
  • Is a well oiled "God-Machine".
  • Has clearly defined roles yet is incredibly flexible.
  • Is seeking the presence of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Is great at releasing people to lead.
  • Is not threatened by each others gifts, but rather sees them as a compliment to the team.
  • Will rigorously defend one another and address their concerns directly to each other.
  • Can serve as a support to each other in tough seasons.
  • Has an eye for contributing to the growth of the church.
  • Is sold out to the vision!
  • Knows how to trust that Jesus is at work in each other...even when the decisions that they make may not be exactly how we would do it.
  • Is being built on the power of the total team, not the abilities of a few "stars". Instead of a star player taking us to a championship, we all get there together.
What teams do you serve on? How do you want that team to function for the greatest impact?

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Anonymous said...

I'm the purple one on the team! UCJ