Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Half the meetings, Twice the productivity!

Read this article on Swerve a few weeks ago. Swerve is a blog I read. It got me thinking. It has a lot of value. Do we meet too often and are the meetings as effective as they could be? We will be implementing some of this thinking at CCF in 2009 with our Staff (which will be growing in 2009).

Read the article by clicking here.

But, I thought of you and your business. Anything for you to learn or consider here for your place of employment as you plan for 2009?

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KevinS said...

I read and loved Lencioni's "Death by Meeting". It has some great ideas on how to restructure meetings for true productivity. The goal isn't fewer meetings, but more productive meetings. I've got my notes from that book if you want to to look them up.