Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gifts that Actually Matter

The cold air, a glance at the calendar and the songs on the radio are reminding us all that it’s Christmas time! It is so easy to get caught up in the cultural realities of Christmas that we forget the spiritual realities. This Christmas, strive to focus on the gifts that actually matter!

Money is tight for so many of us. Person after person has exclaimed that they “just do not have the money to buy gifts like they want to or used to.” Maybe we can leverage that economic reality this season and bring more much needed attention to the gifts that really matter.

Think of it…clothes wear and rip. Electronics are outdated and replaced by next Christmas. Toys are outgrown or broken by April. Jewelry tarnishes and gets lost. Appliances leak and the new model comes out three weeks after Christmas.

On the other hand…family traditions can shape a child, memories carry a lifetime, time spent communicates true love, godly parents can impart integrity, the gift of God’s love extends to a thousand generations, and the gift of Jesus provides us life eternal. Give these gifts this year. They come with a lifetime guarantee and they all mean more to your family than any iPod, Xbox, diamonds or outfit will ever mean.

This Christmas, give the gifts that actually matter!

Written by Pastor Noah for the December 2008 Capital at CCF

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