Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Message for Visitors

Several weeks ago when Pastor Ron Fenwick was killed in a plane crash, over a thousand guests visited my blog to read what I had posted about him. Many commented.

Over the last 2 days, there have been hundreds of visitors to this blog seeking information about Steve Sadelson's passing. I know that many more will visit today and in the days to come.

So, I wanted to share something with you...if you are one of those guests:
  • You may not know me, but I know Steve. I am the Pastor of Capital Christian Fellowship in Lanham. (you can click on the link to our church website on the left)
  • Know that myself and many in our church are praying for you these days.
  • If you are local and you do not go to church, you should come and visit us and see why Steve loved it here.
Believing God for healing and hope!

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