Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Non-death Losses

This past Sunday morning my Small Group landed on something in our conversation that has had me thinking all week. Here is a summary of what I thought was a profound vain of thought:
  • "Being There" in times of death is so important. Jesus modeled this well in John 11 when Lazarus died and he was there for Martha and Mary.
  • It is natural, accepted and even expected to care for people when they experience a death in their family. (And that is how it should be.)
  • But, death is not the only "loss" that people feel in a very deep way.
  • Loss of a marriage (divorce) and loss of health can often leave people in just as deep a ditch emotionally as if someone died. Loss of a marriage or health is often accompanied by a great sense of grieving and mourning.
  • HOWEVER, I believe that the church (and society) do not treat these losses as they do death. In my experience, there is nowhere near as much care and empathy available for these types of non-death losses.
  • Should there be?
  • In addition to being there for people impacted by death, what can the church do to "be there" for people experiencing these types of losses as well?
Jesus, keep teaching us to care and to be there!

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Anonymous said...

I work with kids in foster care and this resonated so strongly with me as I see their very painful circumstance so up close all the time. It also reminded me of something that I have felt so strongly since shortly after I became a Christian in college. In our culture very few of us will ever be asked to "lay down our life for a friend" in the literal sense, but how often do refuse to lay down our life (ie. our own priorities and to do lists) for a hurting friend.