Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Working Mobile

Can I tell you something crazy? I have not darkened the door of my church office one time this week. I have been at the church plenty, but not in my office. I have just logged in and worked at the receptionist office so I could be in earshot of Jaye, so she could yell at me and tell me what to do. Smile.

But, I have a had a mega-productive week, have done loads of ministry, held key meetings, and got many things knocked off the task list. I will not be in the office tomorrow either as I will be spending my whole day on the weekend message.

It is just blowing my mind that my role has changed so much. I used to have to be in the office constantly doing administrative stuff. I am learning to work mobile. Thanks to great technology and a great staff that holds down the fort, I can keep up and keep on wherever I am at.

Anybody need an office? I'm not using mine.


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