Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drug Dealing & Church Planting

Wanna hear a funny, but not so funny story?


For the last six months me and a group of men have been meeting with some brothers in Masiphumelele for church every Sunday morning.  We meet in one of the guy's rooms in Masi. It is a single rented room in a house. Not only did we meet each week, but we would swing in throughout the week and drop things off from time to time and visit him. 


Recently, my friend's landlord called him in and told him he had to vacate the property in 2 weeks.  He was shocked. After some prying he discovered that the reason he was being asked to move out was because she had concluded that he was running a drug ring out of his room with the white men.  Why else do several white men show up several times per week? Church?  Yeah, right!  Great excuse. 


My friend has moved and found somewhere else to live. 


This was a first.  Accused of being a drug dealer.  The truth is, I am just a Jesus dealer. 

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