Friday, January 27, 2012

Ahead, Behind and Beside

This year has taught me so much about discipleship. Here is one of the things that has crystalized for me rather recently...


I think that we all need to be engaged in three types of discipleship relationships:

  1. Ahead: We need to ask someone ahead of us in their walk with Jesus to come over us and dsiciple us intentionally.  You open up to them and they speak into your life, challenge you and encourage you in the faith.
  2. Behind: Inetentionally select people that are not as far along as you in their faith journey...particularly someone that is spiritually hungry and containing noticeable potential and then ask them if you can disciple them.
  3. Beside: Engage in a few peer discipling relationships with people who are in a similar place as you in the faith. Challenge each other and walk with each other in an intentional way.

All three of these relationships must be:

  1. Intentional
  2. Accountable
  3. Centered around Jesus
  4. Focussed on obedience

I personally think that each of us should enter into at least one of each of these relationhips. Are you in any of them?  


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