Sunday, August 28, 2011

Becoming Who You Are

I recently read this book-- "Becoming Who You Are" by Dutch Sheets.  Not only did I really, really like it, but it has strongly impacted me.  Weeks later, it's truths are still speaking to me and shaping me.  That's one of the signs of a good book.  So, I wanted to give it a shout out on my blog.


Confession: I misjudged Dutch Sheets.  The circles he has run in can make you think that the book will be another charasmatic revivalist book that replaces discipleship with the instantaneoius.  Not so!  In this book, Sheets dsiplays a deep, deep maturity in Jesus and a radical commitment to obedience based discipleship.  Super impressed!


The book has 3 parts.  Here is the very basic flow:


The Problem: God's spirit is supposed to be controlling our soul (mind, will and emotions) and our soul should be in control of our body.  The problem is that this is not happening. We are getting it twisted. Things are out of order in our lives! We have become soul-controlled instead of spirit-controlled.  This is a profound problem that needs addressed if we are going to live victorious in Jesus. 


The Provision: Jesus!  The cross, words, example and life of Jesus...that we are failing to embrace and live into. 


The Process (for becoming who you are): Chewing, dwelling, remaining, resting, standing on and with the word of God. Our good ideas will not heal us.  Only God's ideas will.  We must simply start and stay there. (It is way deeper than this, but this is the best I can do to explain it.)


Struggling with feeling like you are not making noticeable progress in your faith and identity journey? Read this book!

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