Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Conversions

I am beginning to wonder if there aren't actually three conversions that happen in the heart of a follower of Jesus?

1. A vertical conversion-- one that brings you to a love for God, and that love transforms how you live. 2. A horizontal conversion-- now that you know Jesus, you know real love and can now love others in a transformational way. But maybe just those you already know?

3. A missional conversion-- now things deepen. Your love for Father and your love for people has changed you, and you are plunged into a deeper level where you actively seek to save the lost. I would suggest that this is a conversion that many followers of Jesus have not yet experienced.
We may also put it this way:

1. Love for God.

2. Love for others. 3. Love for the lost.
Finally, I am wondering if these three conversions may run in sync, simultaneously overlapping with each other? They are different conversions and they happen at different speeds for different people. When I look at scripture, I see that the Lord desires for us to have all three of these conversions happen in our hearts...I'm just afraid a lot of us still haven't.

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