Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some Random Updates

  • In the last few months, I have not blogged near as much as I used to. That is partly because we have been very committed to CPx and partly because of some of the things the Lord is showing me.  I am learning that not everything I think is worth sharing with the world. Been feeling the Holy Spirit keeping my motives in check.  I could see myself falling prey to "online arrogance" - I best not convince myself that everything I write is worth you reading. 
  • We are CPx graduates! After 5 months and lots of learning and stretching, we are done. We have made a long term commitment to All Nations Cape Town.  We look forward to sharing more about this soon.
  • We move out of Silver Palms Guest House on Sunday, after living here almost 6 moths.  We will live nomadically for a month.  We move into our own place on August 1. Thank you JESUS! 
  • On Sunday, Tricia, Davis and I will leave for a week and a half away together.  We will stay most of the time at a campground about 5 hours away.  We really look forward to connecting as a family alone!  And not in community with 18 other people. 
  • We are overwhelmed at the way the Lord is providing for our car to be repaired.  God has basically paid for it.  It will be about a week before it is repaired, but it looks like the Lord has provided for it to be repaired. 
  • We will be releasing another Newsletter within a week or two.  Please let us know if you are not on our email list and we will be glad to add you!

Grace and Peace, friends!


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