Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making God's Dreams Come True

One of the things that the Lord has shown me in Scripture over the last few years is that I/we can help make God's dreams come true.  There are things that God dreams of for his earth.  And yes, you can help make them happen. We can help bring them about.


It is God's will and his dream that:

  • The hungry be fed.
  • The oppressed be delivered.
  • The captives be set free.
  • The poor be cared for.
  • The widows be honored.
  • The orphans be nurtured.
  • The blind see.
  • The deaf hear. 
  • The lame walk.
  • The dead live.
  • We love one another.
  • Care for one another.
  • Submit to one another.
  • Prefer one another above ourselves.
  • We love the Lord our God with all our hearts, souls, mind and strength.
  • We love our neighbors as ourselves.


And it is God's dream that his Kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven!  It is how Jesus told his disciple to pray.  And he wants to use YOU right NOW to make that happen.


And ultimately, it is God's will that we GO and make disciples of ALL NATIONS baptizing people and teaching them to obey that NONE should perish, but that all will have eternal life.


I believe that these are the dreams of God's heart and he wants to use us to help him make his dreams come true.  What an honor.  Will you join Him?

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Amanda said...

It so encouraging reading your testimonies on this blog. I was a missionary's daughter for many years in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico. You're doing a wonderful job. God bless you for being so dedicated to helping others and spreading the Lord's love. I pray the Lord blesses you and anoints you with his power and blessings. Much Love and Prayers, Beloved