Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Kaye on the Way!!

After over two years of trying, one miscarriage and at least five prophetic words about it (in America and Africa)...




Tricia is almost 9 weeks along with a baby in her belly. We got a wonderful healthy report at the doctor and he is very happy with the way the baby is establishing.  Tricia is pretty sick in this first trimester, so please pray for her.  


There are two pictures attached to this blog.  One is our sonogram from a little over a week ago.  The other is a picture of 4 acorns. Here's the story behind the acorns: 

On our last Sunday at CCF (our home church), two different men whom we respect approached us individually and shared a prophetic word.  Both were about our second child.  Both told us that the child would be born in Africa.  One said that the new baby would be symbolic of the new work and calling in our family.  He said that we would come back new people.  The other brought me 4 acorns from the church lawn.  Each decreased in size. He told us that the fourth and smallest was a prophetic symbol of the new child that the Lord would bring into our lives.  We held those acorns as precious reminders.  We placed them in a special bag my Mom had given me, and brought them across the world with us.  They have been hanging in our little room as a reminder.  The night we learned we were pregnant, the very first thing we did is get the acorns out and begin to thank the Lord in prayer and celebration.  We believe that they are signs of the strong tree of faith that this child will be-- like the words of Psalm 1:3...a tree planted by living waters, always yielding fruit, never withering and always in blossom! 


We were not sure along the way whether this child would come from Tricia's womb or be adopted (which were open to).  We met with someone we respect here in Africa in March and they spoke over us that the baby would come from Tricia's womb.  So....we've been expecting just that...because we are learning two things more and more every day:

  1. We can and will believe the report of the Lord!
  2. All of His promises are yes and amen! 


Rejoice with us and pray with us during this time.  We love you and thank you for your support and care. 


PS- I have always had a special place in my heart for African Americans.  Now, we will have one as a child!!  ;-)  And yes, we will have the baby here in Africa. Many babies have been born here! 


Ubuntu Sports Outreach blog said...

Love the "P.S". We first announced we were moving to Africa & then people found out we were pregnant. They assumed we wouldn't still move just b/c we were having a child. I love the way you put it. Lots of children have been born & even raised here! What makes our's significant or special?

Carla Malik said...

I am so happy and excited for you!!!God is truly good. Much love to the 4 of you :)

Carla malik