Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is Going Better Than Giving?


Not a day goes by that Tricia and I do not feel thankful for the many people and churches making it possible for us to be here. Seriously, we are eternally thankful for you who financially support us! As most of you know, much of our work is with people that are quite poor. And you know, It is amazing how many different weird attitudes develop among an issue as precious and important as serving the poor.

I have heard attitudes and comments surface around the issue of financial giving that are just not biblical. Multiple times I have heard people say something like this: "I want to do more than just write a check." The implication here is that direct ministry to the poor is more valuable than indirect ministry. Where does the Bible established this kind of system? Certainly Jesus warns that when we give to the poor, we should not attract attention to ourselves (Matthew 6: 23-24). But Jesus does not diminish giving as a form of help for the needy. It is discouraging when people create these informal hierarchies that are extra-biblical. They only help to discourage those who want to help in this way.

Let me go on record saying that I believe that giving financially to people in need (and to support those on mission to poor) is every bit as Biblical as going. If there are not senders, there will not be go-ers! If you are called to go, GO! If you are called to give, GIVE!

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