Thursday, March 10, 2011


Wanted to take a moment to teach you something that we are learning. I think that many of you back in the states may find this as something you could use when you meet in groups.
Our goal and vision with All Nations is to make disciple who make disciples and to start churches that start churches (ultimately desire to see church planting movements ignite all over the world). However, before groups become churches, they need to discover Jesus. In order to discover Jesus, we use the Bible. Radical, huh? What we aim to do is pray, enter, build relationships and start Discover Bible Studies (DBS). These are time in groups around scripture that are designed to be led by locals and lead people toward discovering Jesus on their own. DBS model was started by David Watson. All Nations is not committed to a model, just the values the model holds.

We are finding DBS's to be a brilliant tool and have already started numerous in Masi. I wanted to share it with you.
Leadership: Everyone. One person facilitates the steps, but as you will see, it is shared leadership. So, here we go...

1. What is one thing that you are really thankful for today? (everyone shares in this time of expressing praise, worship and gratitude to God in our sharing)

2. What is the greatest need that you have in your life today? (everyone shares as openly as they can)

3. Is there anyone that can meet any of these needs we just heard? (In keeping with Acts 2, perhaps they can meet the need right now, after the meeting or sometime in the days or week to come)

4. Pray....thanking God for what we have heard and placing our needs in His capable care.

5. (having pre-selected a passage 2-10 verses long...) Open the word to the passage for the day and have 2 or 3 people read all the verses.

6. Close the Bible and have 2-3 people put it in their own words. What was the passage saying? Then, others fill it in more.

7. Taking 1-2 verses at a time, ask these two question of each verse: 1) What does this say about God? and 2) What does this say about man? (or use the SPECK model which I will blog later)

8. What WILL I obey as a result of this passage? Be specific. (All Share)

9. When will we meet next and who will lead us?

There are loads of intentional values built into this approach to gathering. Here are just a few:
-Anyone can lead.
-All people participate every time.
-The passage and group self corrects the conversation.
-Pre-Christians can do this.
-It includes worship to God and relationship with others. -It creates a Bible-centered gathering.
-It shows people that they can study and learn the Bible themselves.
-It teaches people that they do not need a qualified Pastor or Teacher to learn the Bible.
-It allows space for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to lead a gathering.

The goal is that DBS's become churches when the DBS begins welcoming Jesus into their lives and baptizing one another.

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