Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Friends in Five Days!

We have been pleasantly surprised by the new connections we have made in just 5 days. It is really neat how the Lord prepared each of them before we even landed. I know some of you back home were really worried that we would never make friends (enter sarcasm). I wanted to share briefly about some of the people that are making our adjustment easier. We honor each of these people for their kindness to us.

Julian and Laura-Ann George- this dear couple are part owners and full-time managers of the guest house we are living at right now. We will be here for at least a few weeks....maybe a few months. They have been so wonderful to us making us feel welcomed and cared for here in the home.

Brandon and Julianna Jones- this is a staff couple at All Nations who did CPx last year. They are an American couple that is settling here in Cape Town as well. You may recall them as the couple we had lunch with in VA in August. They have been super helpful on so many levels and have even opened their home to us! There is a possibility that we may be living with them for several months.

David and Shawn Hain (and their two sons, Isaac and Jordan)- This is a couple from Lancaster County that moved here in November. We met them for breakfast in November in PA. David is a mission leader and the author of a popular prison addiction curriculum that is being used around the world. He has been invited to work with it here in SA prisons. They had us over for a lovely dinner tonight and some time on the beach! Wonderful people!

Richard and Bernice Anderson- A DIVINE connection....I met Richard in Shanghai, China in September and found out he was from Cape Town (lived in South Africa his whole life). Tricia and I met with him in China and picked his brain about South Africa. Long and wonderful story short, Richard met us at the airport the day we landed with a big smile on his face and has walked with us in some way EVERY DAY since we arrived. He has been a Godsend to us. He has protected and guided us like a Father and loved us like friends. I will share more about him later. I believe God has brought us together for many purposes.

These are just four developing relationships and connections that I wanted to share about tonight. There are many more that the Lord is preparing. We are just so thankful for how we are connecting and what we are learning.

To GOD be the glory!

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