Sunday, December 5, 2010

Churches Partnering w/ Us (13 and growing)

This last 6 months of connecting with people and churches has been thrilling in many ways. Tonight, I just want to take a moment to give a loud shout out to all of the churches that are supporting us and partnering with us financially (prayer and relational too) over these next 2 years. ALL of them are a result of relationships and GRACE! Especially grace. Tricia, Davis and I thank you in the greatest way we know how! You are a gift to us that we treasure!

Thank you to:
  1. Capital Christian Fellowship in Lanham MD (our home church and spiritual family)
  2. New Life Mennonite Church in Ellicott City, MD
  3. Wilken's Avenue Mennonite Church in Baltimore, MD
  4. Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Baltimore, MD
  5. Judah Temple in Mitchellville, MD
  6. Zion Church in Largo, MD
  7. Grace Bible Church in Lanham, MD
  8. Freedom Fellowship/Calvary Assembly of God in Hudson, NY
  9. Kingdom Life Empowerment Temple in Hyattsville, MD
  10. Celebration of Praise in Clermont, FL
  11. Trinity Assembly of God in Lanham, MD (My Home Church as a kid)
  12. Spring Valley Community Church in Royersford, PA
  13. Baltimore Washington District of Churches in the Lancaster Mennonite Conference (Our District)
There are a number of other churches not in this list that are committed to praying and walking with us, just not in finances (about 7 beyond what is listed above). We are super thankful for them too!

In addition, as of tonight, there are approximately 75 individuals/families that have also partnered with us!! We are so humbled. We still have about 35% to go, but it is never too soon to celebrate generosity and to PRAISE GOD!!

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