Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two Billion to One

Here's something I've been thinking about recently....something about Jesus that makes me love him more. Something that fascinates me.

He was one man (yes, fully God too....but bear with me). And he did the bulk of his high-visibility, high-impact ministry in three years. And he changed the face of the planet for ever and ever. Human kind will never be the same again! One man. Three Years.

Then he left the earth to go back to be with Daddy (Father God). Essentially, in John 14 Jesus says this: "I am leaving to go back with my Dad and I need you to keep up my work here on earth. But you will not be alone. I will leave my Holy Spirit to help you. GO for it! GO!" That was about 2 thousand years ago. And now there are about 2 billion of us who claim to follow Jesus! And our combined impact as the "body of Christ" still does not seem to come anywhere even close to the impact that ONE MAN made in THREE YEARS!

What's up with this?

And then John 14:12 says that we are going to do "greater things"! I long to see these greater things. The pages of the gospels seem to be far greater than what I am seeing now. I don't get it. I just know I that I long for us to be the body that Jesus longs for us to be!

Jesus, thank you for believing in us!

God, be gracious and forgiving with us as we try!

Spirit, help us as Jesus promised you would!

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