Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jesus, thank you that...(a Thanksgiving Post)

Jesus, thank you that....

When we cry, you comfort us.

When we knock, you answer.

When we seek, you respond.

When we feel pain, you heal us.

Lord, when we are lost, you guide us.

Father, when we are alone, you join us.

Jesus, thank you that...

When we forget, you remind us.

When we fail, you restore us.

When we sin, you convict us.

Then, when we repent, you forgive us.

Bread of life, when we hunger, you feed us.

Living Water, when we thirst, you quench us.

When we are confused, you bring clarity.

When we risk, you grant safety.

When we struggle, you intervene.

When we call, you answer.

When we dream, you interpret.

Daddy, when we return, you welcome us.

When we praise you, you "inhabit" those praises.

So, today, we praise you!

And we say THANK YOU on this season of Thanksgiving!

We love you, Lord!

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