Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few thoughts about Facebook...

Wanted to share a few random thoughts about Facebook.

I just have to say this....I have an increasing sense of respect for those that are among older generations that are adjusting so well to the social media developments. I continue to marvel at the flexibility and willingness of our elders and how they are learning totally new things every day in order to stay relevant and connected. I long to be like that one day. Thank you! Thank you for caring about people enough to meet them where they are and build bridges into their lives...into my life! I honor you!

While on the topic...
  • Some of you have asked if we will be blogging and facebooking in South Africa. The answer is YES! Less. But, yes. The connection is not as good and the cost is not as low. But, we will do what we can.
  • Speaking of which, if we are not "friends" on Facebook yet, please add me. I am looking to keep growing my connections especially before we leave the USA. Find me by clicking HERE!
  • Also, if you have not "liked" our missions fan page, please click here and be a part. Share it with and suggest it to others too, if you don't mind.

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