Monday, November 15, 2010

Fundraising Update; It's Climbing!!

The countdown to Cape Town is on. We are now only about 60 days away from departing. The clock is ticking, but the Lord is moving.

I will be honest, I feel like we are in the middle of a miracle. I really do. IF we raise this budget by the end of the year, the LORD will have done it in just about 4 months!!

When I last updated you 3 weeks ago, we were at 30%. Today, we are at 50% and climbing!!

This 50% does not include about 6 churches that we will be relating closely to and speaking at over the next month or other individuals that have verbally committed, but not sent their pledge forms in! So...we are full of hope that this next 20%-30% is just around the corner.

Now, what about YOU?? Can YOU help us? Can you partner with us in any of the 3 ways below?
  1. We need prayer! Will you pray for us?
  2. We are looking for financial supporters! Can you support us with a monthly pledge (or a one time gift)? Monthly pledges that spread over two years really help the percentage increase rapidly. (A $500 one time gift may seem huge, and it is! But a $50 a month commitment over two years is $1,200 toward our budget!)
  3. Do you know people, churches or organizations that we might be able to connect with as supporters?
If you are willing to do any of the three things above, would you please email me at as soon as possible (or message me on FB, leave a comment, text me, call me, whatever)? We would really be encouraged to hear from you.

Please join us and be a part of seeing a miracle. We really feel that the Lord is moving in a miraculous way!

Noah, Tricia and Davis

PS- Below is info for giving online:

If you or anyone you know is interested in investing in our family's call into missions, you can do so ONLINE in the following way:
  2. Then, simply type in the amount, designate it for "Noah and Tricia Kaye's Support" and follow the secure process.
  3. That's it!
If you wish to set up monthly or quarterly contributions, just CLICK HERE, fill out the form and follow the instructions.

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