Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Everyday Absurdities

I love to read. But, I read a lot of serious books about faith, life and ministry. Every 10th book or so, I try to throw in a funny one. One that makes me laugh at life some.

I just finished this book entitled "Everyday Absurdities; Insights from the World's Most Trivial Man" by Tyler Stanton. Hi-larious!

If you want a good laugh about random things that we all experience, grab this little book and enjoy. It points out the obvious about everything from reality TV to annoying servers to texting rudeness to public pools to public restrooms to awkward silence. Topics include communication, eating, travel, men, shopping, entertainment and "DBTG" (don't be that guy)!

Here are a few examples of what it's like:
  • Shopping Cart Selection: My chances of getting a functional shopping cart are even less than the chances of me being a professional baseball player. Does the perfect cart even exist, or do they manufacture them with squeaks and hard pulls to the right?
  • Ply: Hey Charmin, we're fine with two ply. I'm not sure who told you we needed more, but that person cannot be trusted. Instead of progressively adding more and more ply (to the point that we will be wiping with a beach towel), why don't you concentrate your efforts on something more practical, like, I don't know, massaging toilet paper of toilet paper with apps?
  • I'm Just Sayin': This is a distant cousin of "bless her heart". I believe the thought process is this: As long as I slap this phrase on at the end, I can say whatever brutally honest and cutting statement I want without any repercussions. Well let me set the record straight. YOU just said it, and I'M still bothered. I'm just sayin'!

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