Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dangerous Comparison

She's a dropout. He has a Doctorate.

She's an Executive. He's a Janitor.

He's the President. She's a beggar.

She's beautiful. He's crippled and deformed.

We are locals. They are foreigners.

We fight. They have a perfect marriage.

Everybody likes him. Nobody likes me.

People hand things to her on a silver platter. I get no breaks.

They get away with everything. I get away with nothing.

In the journey of learning to love people like Jesus, I am realizing the danger in comparing people against others...or yourself to another. It is rather natural and a part of our sin nature. But, it is no good for you, no good for your relationships, and not pleasing to God.

Since when can we compare one to another? We have all sinned. We all need a savior. We all are grace cases. We all have our issues. Get your eyes off of others and onto Jesus. Give people your love, not your jealousy. Comparison is counter-gospel and hurting our cause as followers of Jesus. And YOU are probably guilty of it.

Lord, help us all to compare ourselves to Jesus, causing us to become humbled by the realization of how much more we need of you.

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Anonymous said...

SO TRUE, I needed to hear that today!!! Great Blog