Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Congratulations On Your Pain!

I discovered some really encouraging news while reading John, chapter 15 this week...

All of us experience pain! We go through trials and and hurts and challenges. All of us! There are many places in the scriptures that give sense and meaning to our pain. Consider it joy when you face trials for it leads to maturity, blessed are those who are persecuted because theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven, etc...

While reading John 15 this week, verse 2 jumped out at me in a new way! It says this:

"He cuts off every branch of me that does not bear fruit. And every branch that is fruit bearing, he prunes back so that it will bear even more."

First, understand that pruning is cutting. It hurts. It stings. But, it helps. It produces health and the short term pain is nothing in comparison to the long term results.

But, the encouragement I see in John 15:2 is this: If you are being tested, pruned, stretched, and feeling pain...according to this verse, you must be bearing fruit!

Congratulation!!! If you were bearing NO FRUIT, you would just be cut off. Instead, you are BEARING FRUIT, so God is pruning you so you can bear MORE FRUIT! If you can stay connected to Jesus (remain in the vine), you are promised to bear MUCH FRUIT! An abundant harvest!

Hang in there. And Congratulations on your pain. It means you are doing something right. And I think there are great things ahead for you!

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