Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Suffering Blog

During this EXTREMELY busy time in our life, some things have had to go. You just cannot do it all. For me, one of the things that have suffered over the last few months is this blog. I just cannot seem to find the time to get to it like I want to. I have ideas that I really want to share and things to write, but just not the time to do it. However, I AM keeping a running list and will catch up when I can...maybe in Africa. ;-)

Here is a sneak peak. Looking forward to blogging these titles:
  • God's Satisfaction Barometer
  • Success is NOT the Goal
  • Removing the Comma in Ephesians 4
  • Using Humor as Jabs
  • Levels of Faith
  • God's Testing is God's Loving
They are in the heart, just gotta get them on the screen.

Thanks for checking back and staying connected in the quiet.


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