Monday, August 2, 2010

Our Schedule...

There have been enough questions and enough confusion, that I thought I would just share some of the components of our schedule for the rest of the year for those who wish to know.
  • The rest of the month of August: In Maryland and totally connected at CCF.
  • September 3-25: Tricia, Davis and I fly to Shanghai China for a 2 week Missions Event. Then, to Cape Town, South Africa for an exploratory trip (picking Davis a school and meeting some All Nations staff--excited to spend some time with Floyd McClung- just confirmed).
  • September 26- October 4: In Maryland and at CCF.
  • October 5-9: Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA with 10 CCF leaders.
  • October 9-24: In Maryland at CCF.
Note: November and December will be spent traveling to see family, finalizing our last items before leaving and speaking at churches to raise support.

Another Note: We will be moving on or about January 12.


Dates to note:
  • Sunday, August 22: Our Vision Sunday where Tricia and I share and a fundraiser Lunch at Chevy's in Greenbelt to follow.
  • Sunday, October 17: Commissioning Sunday at CCF. Commissioning service at 10:30am. Commissioning Dinner at 5pm.
  • Sunday, October 24: Our last Sunday at CCF and a second Chevy's Fundraiser Lunch.

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