Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weight Loss for Missions. Week 1 Results.

Last Tuesday I started a journey to lose weight before leaving for South Africa. CLICK HERE to read all about it.

I asked people to sponsor and support me in the journey. Today, I want to give a one week update.

I weighed in this morning and in this first week, I lost 12 pounds!

Also, since announcing this last week, I have received pledges totaling $33.30 a pound! Kids have even joined in at $0.05 and $0.25 a pound! So cool!

I am looking for people who want to partner with me either because you love me, want me to lose weight, have a passion for mission, share in our call and vision, or any other reason under the sun. We have a budget to raise in the next 6 months, and this is one of the many ways we will do it.

Please email, FB, comment, call, or text if you can support me.

Thank you and love you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pastor Noah.Never underestimate the difference missionaries make in africa.My mother got her first by mail bible study in the 70's thru missionaries,[translated in swahili];[our mailbox was the church]and looked forward to overseas mail,learnt to sew a patch quilt through a weekly missionary womensfellowship on thursdays which my nephew used for most of his life[he is now 35 yrs].I myself got to watch Billy Grahams films in church[the church was the few places with electricity] and really the church was our community where we learnt to share love and sharing unselfishly.

Anonymous said...

oh..I didn't include also I was also delivered in the early sixties by an RN missionary midwife in a maternity only hospital they had just opened!!!The newborn cot was attached to The mothers bed at the bottom.I always saw my mothers face light up and the joy she had as she described her delivery experience with her newborn [me]as I was growing up!