Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missionary Support Team Formed

Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) has blessed and impressed us over the last several months...far beyond our expectations. It is obvious that they pay major attention to ensuring that we are prepared to live out our call. We have been through loads of paperwork and process in the last months. They have cared deeply about each step.

One of the things that EMM requires is that we form a Missionary Support Team (MST). This is a group of people with an interest in and love for a missionary, and they serve as a vital link between the missionary, the supporting home community, and EMM. The MST leads and walks with us through the discerning, fund raising and sending process with EMM.

There were like 50-100 people that we would have loved to ask, but we were limited in our selection. Here is our team:
  1. Sadie- Chair
  2. June- Co Chair
  3. Ruth- Treasurer
  4. Barbara- Prayer Coordinator (leads prayer network)
  5. Lia- Child Advocate (always thinking of Davis)
  6. Abiola & Jaye- Church Communicators & Newsletter Managers
  7. Lacreshia- Small Group Representative
  8. Nelson- Pastoral Rep and CCF Missions Overseer
  9. Pam & Joe- Family Representatives
  10. Harmony- Sister, Family Rep and Fundraising Event Planner
  11. Tracy Wenzel- Friend
  12. Paul- Local Pastor and Strategic Connections

The idea with this group aligns with the Ecclesiastes 4 concept that a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken. Here are the strands in this missions sending:

1. The Missionary (Noah, Tricia and Davis)
2. EMM (Missions Organization)
3. CCF (Spiritual Community)

We will meet approximately 1-2 times per month from now until we leave for South Africa, then they will meet without us after we leave. This team has already been wildly supportive! Amazingly humbled by the love we feel.

Just wanted to share how we are being cared for...

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