Monday, December 28, 2009

Genesis Highlights

This summer, I spent some extended reflection time in some of the books of the Bible. One of them was Genesis. In fact, I feel like I developed a love like never before for the book of Genesis. It was Mid-June when the Lord placed it in my heart that I was to preach out of Genesis for the whole first month of this year. Not sure why....just sure that I was to preach on Genesis all of January 2010. The first book of the Bible---the first month of a new year---a new decade! So, I am doing what God said.

Well, there is so much in in Genesis, that 4 sermons do not even begin to begin to begin to cover it all. Hence, I want to share some of my findings at my electronic blog.

These are just personal, random highlights. Some cheesy, others more provoking. Get a Bible out! Enjoy.

  • 2:6 always fascinates me. The flood happened because the water came up from the earth not down from the sky. SO many people get that twisted and think that the rain caused the flood. Not so. (See 7:11 and 8:2 as well)
  • 2:19 is cool how Adam named every animal. How in the world did he come up with all these names? What amazing creativity and vocabulary. I am guessing there was dictionary in the library of Eden. God, huh?
  • 3:11-13 is really telling. Just three chapters into the Bible and we have the blame game being played in full effect. And we are still playing it today!
  • 3:17-19- it seems that as a result of sin, farming is hard work. What about other professions? Are they cursed as well? What about your job?
  • 3:20- made me wonder if the word “Eve” and “EVErywhere” or “EVEryone” are connected?
  • 3:24- what flaming swords has God put in place for me that I have not noticed?
  • 4:21 – “Jubal” is the first musician. Love this name!! If I were a musician, I would name my son Jubal!
  • 4:15- I did not know the name “Jared” was a Biblical name. Cool!
  • 6:3- Is the end of people living for so darn long! And the reason that life span was shortened was that God was sick of putting up with people that long. He had enough!
  • 6:5-13- God has regrets? Sure sounds like it? People disappoint him so bad….
  • 9:5- how God really feels about murder. This must be the argument for Capital Punishment.
  • 9:19- Nationalities of Noah’s Sons. We all come from them?
  • 10:24 & 31- the beginning of languages, separation and nations.
  • 11:1-9- Beware of universalism….one money, one world, together we can do it all mentality. This could lead to Godlessness. I think that this relates to the principles of Body life.
  • 12:1- the first step to Abraham answering his call was leaving his familiarity. This may
  • 13:7 & 11- Some good cases of Family Drama…

More later…..

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