Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The only 3 things that only you can do!

There are many things that we all balance and juggle in our lives. The big question is this: how many of the most important things are being neglected or short changed for things less important things?

Yesterday, while I was at the Catalyst One Day Conference, I heard Craig Groeschel share this thought. I think that it's pretty powerful.

There are ONLY 3 things that ONLY you can do:
  1. Only you can be the husband to your wife or the wife to your husband. You cannot appoint or hire anyone else to do that job!
  2. Only you can be a parent to your child. Sure, they may have another parent or guardian, but only YOU can be Mom or Dad to your kids.
  3. Only you can seek God for you. No one else can learn the word for you, say your prayers for you or develop intimacy with the father on your behalf. That is all you!
Everything else that you do...someone else can do it. Someone else can do your job. You are replaceable. Someone else can do almost any other thing that you do...those things that seem so important to you.

Here's the problem: we get this twisted, think more highly of ourselves than we ought to and we forget the most important things in our lives while we stay busy trying to get ahead. I don't know about you, but at my funeral, I want to hear you say that I loved me wife like crazy, loved my kids like crazy and loved my God with an undying love. Honestly, I could care less what else is said, what church I built, what ministry I did, what books I write or what degrees I hold.

Are there some things in your life that need to become lower priorities so that family and God become the priority they are supposed be?


Pastor TC said...

I LOVE this man! Well said.

Tanya said...


Barbara C. said...

Thanks Noah, You don't know how timely that was. Right before I opened this blog I was thinking on how I need to reconnect with some important people in my life. Now I know I need to and how to go about it.

Anonymous said...

Amen! Amen! Amen! Since I have started working nights I have had to remind myself of these three things over and over to keep it all in perspective.